KitchenPad® Timer


Take back control of meal time with the all new KitchenPad® Timer. This visual kitchen timer that can be used to manage multiple cook times for your stove-top, oven and grill. The convenient timer displays give you all the critical timer info at-a-glance. Never lose track of a dish you are preparing ever again!



"...may serve to soothe
culinary anxiety..."

"...visually appealing way to
track cooking times..."

"KitchenPad Timer to
the rescue!"


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Stunning, simple and elegant design with easy to use controls! Set, start & pause timers with ease.

Timers for stove-top, oven and bbq grill!

Timer displays tell you what's on the stove, grill or in the oven, how much time left and the temperature or heat setting.

Ability to save your favorite timers! Easily recall them later when making your favorite dishes.